Political Data Bank

The development that takes place on political canvas changes the life of people in entire nation. In a democratic country like India, the opinion of people chooses the government. Better the performance in people eyes, higher the chances of electing to power. A party in power has obligation to provide better governance and induct new policies and the role of opposition is to make issues of government’s failures and its unpopular policies.

We usually come across the content through TV debates, social media and print media where the spokespersons of the opposition party and the ruling party indulge in hot debate for defending and proving their point of view/s. But the real winner is the one who proves his point of view on the grounded facts and figures. Today the voters do follow these debates and make their minds to vote the party they find relevant and truthful.

Today the parties need to make and maintain the data bank of who said what during the course of time to defend and remind the promises opposition or the party in power made during bringing changes in governance and passing bills.

In the long run, it becomes very difficult to make and maintain the data bank of such development that is very frequent, enormous and dynamic. So to solve this problem of political parties our company provide the data bank of such activities with facts and figures so that parties can put their point of view in more realistic way. We maintain the databank of every word said by every leader, promises made by parties at the national and state level. Whether these are scams, frauds or other allegations made by leaders. At times, these elements break and make political alliances.

Our political data bank is very useful in exposing the rival claimant making issues, defending the policies and in making strategies during the fierce battle of elections. We provide the detailed analysis of the effects of the government policy on common people, the statistics related to law and order, women empowerment, caste factors, foreign policy and fake propaganda of the rivals.