Your Election Engineer

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to equip a fighting candidate with technology enabled abilities to increase his wining possibilities.

Our vision is to design, build and give a well managed structure and plan to control the election campaign through an app. That is why we call our app 'An Election Engineer'.

Before we developed this app, we studied deeply the feasibility aspect from technical point of view. We applied all the permutation and combination that are generally observed in an election to develop this app. We address the need of an election through our six high voltage verticals created in the App. These are:



Social media post


Daily agenda

Fake stories

Live vehicle GPS

Traditionally an election war room is centrally managed by a party at state level or national level. For election needs a war room is created and then everything comes from and goes to it. This is something absolutely physical. Physical in so many ways. A huge office is created. A team huge of professionals is hired and put to the task. It is a multi layered system. Then comes whole paraphernalia of IT and telecommunication systems. This whole exercise is quite expensive. And of course, expensive things make everything costlier down the line. This whole system is for entire state or nation. Local needs and requirements are their second priority.

While WarRoom developed by Half Circles Media is dedicated to local and hyperlocal needs of a candidate. It is designed and subsequently operates in such a way that it integrates the state level or party level features with its own features. It makes everything deadly for a candidate. Now he is sitting on three core features:

State level strategies

Party level strategies

Local and hyper local level strategies

As far as WarRoom App is concerned, its entire mechanism works artfully and tactfully to bring out the synergy that proves to be a game changer for any candidate.