Political Cartoons - Doodles - Meme

Express resentment inform of satire against the opposite candidates using cartoon or caricature, memes and doodles. These are strong medium of conveying the message in very intelligent and allegiant way. WarRoom team plan these art works according to political scenario and need. These are provided to the candidates in ready to post and share form.

Political Cartoon (or Caricature)

Political cartoons are very traditional way of turning offensive on the opposition in a satirical and democratic way. If we talk from basic a cartoon is a 2D drawing made on different subjects like political scenarios and current events. They are a primarily opinion-oriented means of communication guided by freedom of speech. Subjects chosen in these cartoons are usually from current and political issues that are too on those topics to which readers possess knowledge. A good political cartoon is that which makes the readers feel connected with contexts, issues, and discrepancies of a political situation. Mostly metaphorical and satirical languages are used. The use of these cartoons in digital spaces like social media is proportionally increasing with the use of the internet and in the same proportion, these are shared online.

While making cartoons we keep in mind that the audience should be able to understand the message behind the cartoon idea. Our cartoons successfully criticize and appreciate the politicized accordingly. We plan and design political cartoons to encourage the opinion formation embedded with entertainment.

Political Meme

Our team of creative professionals continuously work on the political scenarios and creates memes. Memes are new classification of satire based expression widely used on social media. This has been observed that to create a viral meme two character is very important. One is this must be entertaining like a joke and influence the audience emotionally. Our team creates memes that goes viral and the message spreads throughout the constituency easily and fast.

In these memes we target mostly the candidate of the opposition or the central leadership of opposition party that convinces the voters in favour of our candidate. Memes are created using image, text, and face encoding in a video clip and setting the audio in local language to give a meaning full message.

Memes can spread rapidly online as their share ability — they are easily created, consumed, altered and disseminated. They can quickly communicate the creator’s stance on the subject. The stronger the emotional response provoked by a post, the greater the intent to spread it. The reach of memes can reach to millions same as the reach of expensive TV Ads.

Not to mention that younger audiences, hyper-engaged to the internet, may not be interested in politics per-se. Turnout during Super Tuesday, for instance, skewed far older than the target demographic of a meme campaign.

Younger generations show less attention to traditional political content, but the memes can gather their attention and give a message to them in the two seconds.


We creat doodles, another effective and creative way to communicate the voters. A doodle is a drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning .

Doodles acts as a mediator between the spectrum of thinking too much or thinking too little and helps focus on the current situation.

Power, Politics and Politicians are always in the limelight, either for the good that they do or for the good that they do. Sarcasm and Satire come hand in hand with politics and a satirical doodle is the perfect way to ask the right questions.

Thus, create cartoons, caricatures, characters for visual satirize, memes and doodles for satirically attacking opposition. Our cartoons and memes, Jokes Satires can be floated on social media and spread through posters in constituencies to expose the opposition.

Creativity is drawn in the native language of the candidate so that the message in these artworks can be conveyed to all potential voters.