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Additional Campaign Modules

Campaign Modules:

It is beyond imagination to contest an election without conducting an election campaign. Election campaigns are conducted to bring the voters in candidate’s favour by exhibiting the candidate and the party better than the rivals. It’s a psychological warfare where a right strategy executed at right time creates wonders. Each party tries to prove that it can give a better government and the candidate can represent and solve the problem of people better.

Keeping in mind the need of the hour, our team of experts have designed 16 campaign modules to fight with the opposition. The subscriber to WarRoom App gets 6 modules free from the list of 16 modules. There are called Compulsory Modules. Remaining Additional Special Modules can be availed with some Terms & Conditions.

Compulsory Modules

Campaign Title

Har kadam sankalap.

Campaign Title

Ham sath sath hain.

Campaign Title

Ham to bolenge’ or ‘X Speaks’

Campaign Title

X ka uphar, apke dwar.

Campaign Title

Bye Bye X.

Campaign Title

Saheb, Ye Rahi Apki Charge Sheet

Additional Special Modules

Details only on request.