Songs For Campaign

Songs are very strong medium for gathering the attention when composed with fine music. We have our team of lyricists who accomplishes song writing that expresses clear political message with the objective of swaying public opinion.

Most of the time we compose the songs in native language of the constituency, the main objective behind this is that all potential voters understand the message in the song clearly.This tool of political campaign is part of democratic process since the beginning of the elections in India. These songs may be based on folk music, or a parody based on any popular song from films or from any popular music album or may be independently composed by our musicians.

Elections provide opportunities to advocates for both changein governance by opposition andfor retain power by re-elect in election by party in power. Our campaign songs for political parties help to spread their points of view on issues and build cohesionfor their candidate.

We work closely with candidate’s requirement of the song during recording to ensure that his objective should be fulfilledand he get the total value for money. We properly coordinate and keep transparencyin resource allocation and technical decisions. Normally these songs are sung by our singers who are professionals but if any candidates demand for celebrity singer we also arrange for the same on conditions so ever arise.