Our Special Servcies

Posters, Banners, Holdings Services

Posters, Banners and Holding are traditional medium of promotion. The use of these mediums is as old as the conception of the concept of promotion. We are service provider for poster, banners and holdings in political domain. We design, print and erect the same as per the requirement.

Posters, Banners and Holding are used for temporary promotion of political events, rallies, politicians, public announcements, public thanks giving and sending wishes to masses for any festival. These include both textual and graphic elements or may be either wholly graphical or wholly text as per the need.


These are created mainly for pasting on walls and can be used on pole-ads. These are in square shape with width and height in ratio of 1:2, that means that height is more than the width; they are printed mostly on papers.


Demand for banners designing is mainly for political stages, for hanging on four wheeler vehicles, town halls, public meeting and seminars. They are square in shape with width and the height in ratio of 2:1, that means the height is less than the width. It may be paper, cloth or mix of cloth and plastic.


Holdings are comparatively large structure of wood, hard plastic or light metal where the ads are published for public attention. They are square with width and the height in ratio of 2:1, that means the height is less than the width. These are erected on highways, market pace, malls or any place where there is movement of large number of people.

Our designs are both eye-catching and informative. We take request for banner; poster and holding directly through contact number, email and through our WarRoom App.