Political Strategy

Strategy is a plan that is used in order to achieve a predefine goal. Political strategy made or suggested by WarRoom encompasses the activities of study, analysis, decision making, goal setting, execution and monitoring of schemes and time table. The end result of political strategy is to win the voters in favour of candidates.

WarRoom acts as political strategist that promotes candidates or the interests of a political party in certain election.

We have a experienced team of professionals and academicians who have expertise in studying and understanding every bit of political development from grass root level to trends on online medium.

Our team comprises of political scientists, journalists, sociologists, techies, data scientists and volunteers who work at ground level. We together make political strategy to optimize the wining chances for the organization or individual who subscribe to our services.

We provide tailor-made and customized solutions to individual candidate or a political party that is going to contest a state level or General Election. We collect data throughout the years and make the strategy accordingly based on the requirement and position of the party and the candidate. Following are some point we keep in mind before stepping out for the strategy:

Party in Power

Party in Opposition

For Candidate


During Election


We watch every bit on social media, electronic and print media at national, state and local level. Based on the findings we make strategy to influence the voters in our contender’s favour. Our team makes engaging and viral videos, graphs to spread true information, satire on opposition in contest, survey to understand the mood of voters and to bring influencers in favour of the contender.

At WarRoom the team of experts and the techies produce synergy that increases probability of win up to 90% of the contender. This is achieved by planning and executing the campaign strategies, coordinating campaign staffers and taking the steps to publicize the strong side of candidates and increase his goodwill among the voters over his rivals.

We keep the watch on every nerve of the development at government level, party level and individual level so that we spread true message to the voters at the time of election and mould them in favour of contenders.

Post-election, actions and activity becomes pre-election strategy for the next election.