Virtual Rally


Rally is important when it comes to the election campaigns in India, the largest democracy in terms of population. But, in the era of Coronavirus, since there is a risk of infection due to crowd gathering, choose us to conduct a virtual rally. Influence the masses through the topmost digital platform.

1. We will make you reach your unlimited listeners from any location at any time.

2. Get assured speedy internet speed of 99.9% and faultless quality by our team.

3. Accomplish your goals hassle-free and effortlessly.

4. Get real-time and end-to-end encryption events.

5. Make your rallies more attractive through videos and graphics.

6. Stay home and conduct your rally sitting at one place and get connected to your voters.

Live Streaming Service

One cannot imagine the reaching out people without live streaming of any kind of event whether it is a general meeting or the interests of a political party or a political gathering. In political campaign or in social event leaders are demanding this service.

A live streaming platform is an online facility that facilitates the user to broadcast video content in real-time, as contrast to first recording and uploading it after the event.

Live streaming service of any event on all social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter is essential today for more engagement, spreading awareness about the candidate, the policies of the government and the promises to the people. Live streaming on Social media has gripped with the increase of active users.

This is very right way to reach the people online as per the user convenience irrespective of the location they have. A user can watch the streaming while he is in the office, travelling or being at any place. Only a mobile with internet connection is needed.

During campaign and after it, it is very convenient way to reach the employed youth and penetrate the social media active voters and even if voter is working in some remote city. Live steaming on social media amplify and mobilise political opinions and reach out to even the remotest geographical areas. Social media video streaming empowers politicians to break their own news and have conversations with voters in real-time. Live streaming facilitate in receiving the instant comment hence in collecting the sentiment instantly, that helps to improve the strategy to address the area where more affords are require to win the voters.

Live social video can be proved as a game changer for relatively smaller and local politicians who need to address issues that might not be receiving mainstream news coverage.

Our tech savvy team at WarRoom provides the live streaming service to our subscribers to enhance probability of achieving their goals.