Ground Breaking Survey

We do in depth survey on bring out the key concern in a constituency and in election bound state. Traditionally surveys are done on sample size of 1500 to 2000 people. But to make our data more accurate we take 4000 to 5000 sample size. Our survey data accurately represents the mood of the public.

These data we provided in form of graph and in detailed explanation. Key concern which we provide from survey finding is is unique and innovative.

Survey Services:

Survey is done among people to grope the ground reality on a subject. It confers the in-depth understanding of behaviours, needs, and opinions of people. Same objective is achieved when the survey is done for political needs. Study based on findings of survey becomes backbone of the strategy to be made for a successful political campaign. Outcome of research followed by political survey assists in focusing on different parts of the election accurately. Surveys in politics play a significant role in knowing the sentiments of people at different stages of campaign and upgrading the strategy accordingly.

An election is just like a battle that is fought to grab maximum possible votes. ‘Grabbing the power’ is the mainstay. An electoral process is the mix of all kinds of tactics to win an election for the incumbent. Election does not matter only to get mandate on the basis of developments, popular policies rolled out by the ruling party or the on the role of opposition, it also involves statistical analysis of voting pattern and deep understanding of the mind set of people. So our statistical analysis of data collected by survey, covers from macro issues like education facility, unemployment, law and order to the micro issues like caste orientation, religious sentiments, ethnics and opinion of the masses especially of youth.

At WarRoom, a group of dedicated and experienced professionals carry out the research regarding the position of candidate and political party in a particular region or set of constituencies. We have been helping candidates win the elections for more than five years with our social media expertise using and handling the outcome/s of various surveys.

The survey is managed and conducted at different timelines with different mediums as per the need of candidate/s as well as for internal studies. A glimpse on the types of survey we handle:

Public Opinion Survey (Opinion Polls)

This survey is conducted to get the information at the given point of time. The benefit of this opinion poll is for the assessment of public sentiments at a particular time. This is one of the most essential to obtain data of the voters as well as opinion on policies of ruling party and the role of party in opposition.

Pre-election Survey

The pre-election poll offers an indication of public opinion in a state or constituency that is election bound. Pre-election survey improves our capacity to foresee and comprehend the intricacies of voting behaviour/pattern. The pre-election period is the one immediately before the elections when restrictions on such activities are not imposed by election commission.

Seat Wise Survey

We conduct political surveys to know the opinions of voters about the status of different parties on every seat in an election. On this basis, we estimate how many voters will vote to which party. And on the basis of these studies, we predict how many seats a party going to win. Our seat-wise surveys help parties to reset their direction of preparation, hence become deciding factor in choosing the right candidate.

It is difficult for the political parties to get an idea about the mood of the voters regarding their parties and the probable candidates who are participating in the elections. To make it easier, we take the initiative to conduct state-wise, constituency-wise and block-wise surveys to gather opinion on the ruling party as well as other participating political parties. Our survey based study gives both the positive and negative views of voters for each party and candidate that helps the parties to take essential steps to hold back their position.

Best Candidate for the Party

Elections are not only won by increasing the supporter’s base of the particular political parties but also by fielding the right candidate in election. It’s crucial to decide that which candidate have potential to mobilise voters in his favour as compared to other contenders of the ticket. Based on our study, analytics we give a clear picture for making strategies to choose the party’s best candidate. Apart from door to door survey, we also consider the social media sentiments, print media report and TV news if available for creating final reports.

Post-election Survey

This survey is conducted one week after the elections. The purpose of this survey can be explained as following

(1). to study the pattern of voters participated in the electoral process

(2). to study the impact of our efforts to reduce the negative image of party or candidate among particular community or in any region

(3). to identify disparities in voting behaviour among social groups: fewer women vote than men, fewer young people than elderly people, fewer unemployed people than senior managers, fewer graduates than first time voters and slightly fewer voters from urban area than inhabitants of rural areas.

(4). to identify voter’s issues due to which the voters in a particular pattern in state election in contrast with general election.

Methods of Survey

Door to door Survey

Here we divide our team in different groups and assign a well-designed questionnaire. With these questionnaires the team members make door to door visit in the constituency to know the opinion on the ruling party and/or party in opposition as well as the candidates of different parties and their image among the voters. Based on the finding, we forecast the pattern and result of any election. Also these findings help to make the further strategy in particular direction.

Social Media Survey

Social media platforms used for research are an extraordinary method to have correspondence with the masses and can be utilized to conduct political research effectively. We utilize social media to carry out some special sets of survey to know the opinion of particular set of people active in online platform and very adequate carrier of messages to general public. Through social media, one can achieve a wide range of individuals.

E-Mail Survey

E-mail surveys are defined as a data collection method used to collect quantitative data using surveys or questionnaires that are sent to targeted respondents via email. Today our email survey mechanism is very efficient and beneficial to bring out the opinion of voters without getting influenced by any external factor. One of the benefits of email surveys is that it eliminates the influence on responses that may be present in telephone or in-person surveys. In some cases, the interviewer can have an effect on the responses that a respondent gives due to his personality or other reason. This is eliminated through online questionnaires making the responses more valid. The data collected through online surveys is more accurate. So studying the pattern of online survey also helps us to reach accuracy in data collection.

Telephonic Survey

Some voters of constituency are engaged in some work or located remotely and not available for providing their opinion then we reach them through telephone. Telephonic survey is very much efficient to save overall time, travel time and the budget. On telephone most of the people give their real opinion without getting influenced by any other factor. The analysis and the reviews of individuals done through telephonic conversation are also added in our survey. This is an exceptional strategy to precise our data for a better result.

The WarRoom does all these surveys at its own and/or on the demand of the candidate and let you know the ground reality.