Our Special Services

GPS Monitoring Devices and services

A political candidate needs to know the location of the vehicles involved in his political canvassing at any given time. We enable in vehicles with GPS (Global Positioning System) so that the candidate or his representative/s can monitor the location and movement of the vehicle in the campaign. Benefits of our service at a glance:

• Monitor live that his team is reaching to predefined locations and reaching out to the target destinations.

• Finish the campaign plan on time.

• Closely monitor the budget defined for the vehicle fleets.

• Over all fleet management.

• Resource optimization.

• Driver safety & performance.

• Unmatched efficiency.

• Cost analysis/assessment.

• Minimal theft risks.

GPS is made up of three parts— satellites, ground stations, and receivers. To accomplish this, each of the 31 satellites emits signals that enable receivers, like car enabled with GPS system or our phone, through a combination of signals from at least four satellites, the receiver figures out how far they are from some of them.

Once the receiver calculates its distance from four or more satellites, it knows exactly where you are. The basic GPS service provides users with approximately 7.0 meter accuracy.