Election Management

Since the election is becoming very costly and multidisciplinary, it is very practical to manage the election at party level as well as at candidate level.

Election management is multidisciplinary. It involves application of mathematical concepts like data analysis and statistics, economy, public relation, demography, sociology, psychology, technological forces, social media, historical learning, ethical factors, religious factor, influencer management and lobby groups. Result of election affects over all development of individual to the nation as a whole. The political entities leave no stone unturned to assure the victory. It is very important to manage when the financial expenses in election are regulated and compliance to the laws of the land.

Election too is not unaffected by contemporary technological advancement. Technological developments have significant influence on the way people communicate. In current era, technology is playing key role in the success of modern political campaigns as well as marketing campaigns.

To execute, manage and maximise the result of election, the WarRoom App/Dashboard is very useful. It is exclusive and technologically advanced and managed by some of the brightest minds in the domain and guided by alumni from IIMs, IITs and others.

The political management and marketing process is also influenced by the environmental forces related to available technology (From television to the computer, mobile, mail and the services like the Internet). Either it is rural or an urban constituency wherein people use the internet to collect news or to get the policy related information. People are using online social media networking portals like Twitter, Facebook, Intagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, Podcast etc. to communicate and share their views. Internet is playing a significant role in influencing the opinion during the campaigns in democracies like India. So the management of every corner in the election is vital.

We at WarRoom divide whole election management activities into two parts. First is the macro management which is planning phase, financial optimisation, marketing planning, and conducting surveys at ground zero, collecting the information and reviews of the political events

The second part of the election management is micro management. At this level, we plan the next step on the basis of the leads generated at macro management level and try to penetrate the masses on individual micro level. Cognitive and motivational processes are analysed at this level and then team plan accordingly, to influence the voters in our client’s favour. Through Micro management of the campaign, we bring the voters in favour of the contestant or the political party that chooses to work with us. Below are the nuances of our macro and micro management.

Macro Management

At very first step in macro management we take survey on aggregated indicators like:

National issues or state issues

Change in over all income of population




Poor governance

Law and order

Improvement of medical facilities


Media reports

Opinion leaders

Working class

Pressure groups

At this level we cover the issues that affect the life of masses irrespective of caste, religion, region, ethics, gender, demography. This is massive mass-contact drive. On the basis of grinding, we go for the next level that is micro management. In this stage we decide strategy for pre-campaign period, during campaign period and post-campaign period.

Micro Management

In this part of election management, we try to understand the voter in more detail, we gather the data at comparatively smaller groups having common characteristics like

Age groups




Different Caste

Economic factors effecting individual

Influencers’ inclination

Local media

Social media

Local issues

Motivating factor

Sociological factors

Therefore, the micro view of political management focuses on describing and understanding voters, and other agents from their emotions, motivation, psychology, needs, values, or personality. We determine how many voters belonging to different sphere of society, have been affected by the development in his surroundings. It is important because a voter is not merely a passive recipient of information but changes his perception with events and votes accordingly. Therefore, the micro perspective in political management takes as a starting point to understand general human behaviour.

As a summation of all, we focus on the voters in election management process (Money, Marketing, and Management section) by dividing them into segments, or groupings.

Elections can be planned well and executed well by the use of micro-management supported by WarRoom App

Technology enabled WarRoom is the need of hour in elections to increase the reach and visibility and improve the relationship amongst voters, party workers and candidate supporters through the use of it. This is the best and cost effective method to connect all four of the above elements and execute the plan synchronously. This App while informing about the real-time movement of campaigning team, is capable of conducting survey whenever required to know the real-time opinion of voters on various issues during the election campaign, substantially lowering the cost of election.